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About Us

What makes The Roof of Africa Adventures stand out above the rest?

We know there are many outfitters to choose from and most likely you will enjoy your Tanzanian adventure with many of them. So, what exactly makes our company stand out among the rest?

We offer an authentic cultural experience.

A trip with us is more than sightseeing. We give you the opportunity to experience a deeper connection with the people of Tanzania. After all, one reason you travel is to appreciate diverse cultures and gain new perspectives. Enrich your life with the lasting connections and memories you’ll make on your journey. You may come home with a few good stories too!

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Commitment to benefiting our local community in Tanzania

Many Tanzanians in the Kilimanjaro area depend on tourism for their livelihoods. In addition to the many local jobs that are generated through our tours, many of our clients seek the opportunity to contribute more directly to the local community.

TROAA will help to organize your giving efforts and connect you with a local working group that matches your priorities. We currently partner with an Arusha primary school where our clients can see their generous gifts being put to good use.





There is a type of intuition that a good guide has for reading his clients’ well being, reading the weather and sensing what might be around the next turn in the road. However, experience is also invaluable and we have both. Our founder, Protus Mayunga, started his career on Kilimanjaro as a porter and has graduated through the ranks to being the operator of a well respected outfitting company. Protus has been doing this for over 15 years and knows what clients expect and how to meet those expectations.

Well trained and compensated staff.

Licensing and Certification have raised the bar for Tanzanian guides and we have built a team that reflects the highest standards. We employ local, skilled and experienced individuals and compensate them well for all they do to make this business possible. We succeed because we have a team who strives to do their absolute best.

The Roof Of Africa Adventures knows that no matter how amazing Tanzania is, you will only enjoy your time here as much as we make that possible. We know that the details mean so much: hot water, a comfortable chair at the end of a long day, a satisfying and delicious meal. What we do to make your Tanzanian journey the best it can be begins with helping you plan your journey and doesn’t end until you arrive safely home.

Our top of the line equipment.

We constantly update and replace our equipment to keep our supplies in excellent condition for your use. There is no skimping on comfort or safety measures no matter what your budget. On the mountain, your camp each evening will be equipped with a tented commode and a large, clean dining tent with table and chairs. Every client will enjoy the use of a high quality sleeping pad in the comfort of a Mountain Hardware 4-season tent.

Safety on the Mountain

We check on our clients daily with a Pulse-Oximeter to be sure that your blood oxygen levels are adjusting appropriately to the increasing altitude on a climb. In case of emergencies we are always equipped with a Gamow bag and oxygen cylinder. Plus we enroll you in African Flying Doctors, a helicopter evacuation system providing swift transport to the area’s best hospital.