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Student Educational Travel

Travel is such a practical way to enhance the educational experience.

Student groups that travel with us to Tanzania are exposed to a way of life that many have not experienced before. Spending time in a developing country allows students to see the way most of the world’s people actually live, a day to day existence with little material wealth but a wealth of culture and simple pleasures. A group journey overseas and a Kilimanjaro climb are also excellent team building experiences.

Eye opening and inspirational, student travel can compliment many educational focuses: business, language, literature, cultural studies. In Tanzania we also have the opportunity to share the history of some of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world, those of the earliest human remains by Dr. Louis Leakey at the Olduvai Gorge in the Serengeti.

Combined with the immersion in geology and biology that a Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari affords, a Tanzanian student excursion is a wealth of educational opportunity.

We make student travel affordable and always make the safety of our guests as our number one priority.